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 The focus is quality in every part when the family name is on the building. Each fender, bracket, or custom fabricated component is made with the highest quality material and is built to fit your application. Whether you supply the Marine, Cargo, Utility, Dump, or Agriculture segments, the H.E. Parmer Company can fabricate a solution.

It’s not our goal to be the biggest in the industry. It is our goal to be the best. We have a family advantage. We have a team with experience. We have the expertise. Moreover, we understand our customers and our industry.

All we need from you is the opportunity.

What We Do H.E. Parmer

Metal Fabrication

We are a leader in the manufacturing of quality trailer fenders, trailer parts, and custom metal parts.

With our array of fabrication equipment, we are able to meet the special needs of our customers, including embossing, production of parts from stainless steel, and manufacturing a wide variety of special parts such as brackets and tables.

We also have the ability to fabricate some unusual items, such as projects we’ve completed including a metal bed cover for an antique pickup truck undergoing restoration, or metal covers for helicopters as part of a movie set.

We would be happy to provide a quote on your project, whether it is a production run or just a prototype.

For more information please call 615-256-4687 or submit an inquiry form on our contact page!